Admit it. There are days when you don’t want to do your windows. They’re high up. They’re annoying to work. You’re too busy. However, when the time comes and you’ve decided to sell your home, you realize you suddenly need a good window cleaning Perth.

Well, if you’re selling your property, you’re thinking it’d be nice to have the windows cleaned up. It’d help things overall. However, it’s just one of the many details we include in a list of things to make the property presentable.

Here’s one thing most people don’t know. The bathroom and kitchen sell a house, but to have people see it, you need to lure them in first. Location is one factor. Windows are the other.

Have you ever considered that glass can deteriorate? It’s true. Without maintenance in the form of regular cleaning, the glass becomes fragile and brittle. One good punch and it’ll shatter. This is because of etching.

Etching weakens the glass, making it more fragile. It shatters more readily. Salt and sand can collect on the windows, even if you don’t see deposits of them. Sap and bark can also do the same, getting into the porous parts of the glass. The damage these do can be permanent.

Hard water can damage glass this way, too. If the water has high magnesium or calcium content, it finds its way into the pores, builds up, and causes cracks over time.

If you want to sell the home, you need to build up the curb appeal. This is a term that signifies how appealing a home is from prospective buyers driving up along the street. It’s hard to get people to look inside if the outside looks like a pigsty, after all.

The higher the curb appeal, the better your odds. Windows are a good way to make a home more desirable at first glance, especially if everything else is also looking good. According to most research, windows are actually the presale investment that has the highest chance of returns.

What’s the best way to make sure your windows are going to recoup your cash? By making sure they’re cleaned by professionals regularly!

Finally, there’s the matter of aesthetics. Windows are important to how a house looks, from both the inside and the outside. Having the right frames and clean glass panes can do wonders for improving how things look. Having them dusty, dirty, or cracked is just bad form.

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