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At Perth Window Cleaning, we believe in quality work. We believe in being the best and bringing you the best, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, though, the best can get a little pricey.

Don’t worry; we’re not just charging you a lot of money for the fun of it. There are very good reasons why our commercial and domestic window cleaning service has such a high price tag. It all comes down to bringing you a better quality service.

Window Cleaning Perth
First off, we don’t do things in half-measures. We have public liability insurance. Cleaning windows can be hazardous the higher up they are, and we take that seriously. We have not only excellent insurance but also the best safety gear. Part of the extra cost this entails is for your peace of mind.

We pay all of our taxes. This statement may not sound important, but it’s proof that we’re reliable in the long-term and aren’t just some ‘fly by night’ shop.

We use fixed prices. We don’t charge you by the hour. What was a small job could turn into a big one, and no two windows or buildings are alike. We don’t charge you extra for these differences.

We value precision and care when we perform domestic window cleaning. We will make everything squeaky clean. We cover things like sills, frames, and screens within our standard service. You’re paying not just for windows, but everything associated with them.

There you have it. These are very good reasons why we charge such a high price, and why we’re confident that we have good reason to do so.


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