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​Sometimes, windows can be tough to clean. There are potentially many factors at play here.

You’ve got the elevation. The higher up a window is, the harder it becomes to reach and clean. Without the right equipment and safety gear, you won’t find many people willing to clean them.

It can get worse if there are trees or other obstructions. These limit the ability to clear the area to ensure a safer working space.

There are also instances when a tough stain sinks into the glass. If not spotted immediately, the stain could have time to sink in and become difficult to remove.

Window Cleaning Perth
Well, why not call us to do high-pressure window cleaning?

Our high-pressure tools are available for both domestic window cleaning and commercial clients. What is high-pressure cleaning, you ask?

Well, it’s spraying water at high pressures at the windows. This means the water comes out faster, in a stronger stream than from a regular hose. The stream also has greater range, allowing someone on the ground to potentially clean windows without needing to climb.

High-pressure cleaning is great for both commercial and domestic window cleaning. The force of the water can break down most stains in a short period.

A commercial cleaning service like Bax or Perth Window Cleaning also uses tools that have enough power to strip paint off a surface. This power can come in handy for pesky paint stains on your windows.

High-pressure cleaning can be a quick way to clean elevated windows. Consult our experts to see if this is a service that would work for your home or office!


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