What is pressure cleaning? Is it something you can do for your windows? Is pressure cleaning Perth something that you can get professionals to do? Is it advisable for you to have your home windows cleaned in this manner?

We’ll be answering these questions today. We want you to know what it is and what good and bad points it has, so you can make an informed decision.

The use of pressure washers is a fast way to clean off windows that aren’t easily reached from ground level. It gives you better reach, especially for residential structures that don’t go up too high. This is the main advantage.

However, there are some flaws too. The force of the water is strong. This means that you risk cracking the glass or causing the putty holding things in place becoming loose. There’s also the fact that pressure washing isn’t known to do a good job, and many kinds of stains persist.

One major issue is that professional window cleaning companies don’t really use or offer pressure cleaning.

Most window cleaning professionals offer hand-cleaning or other methods. It’s the best way, because of a number of reasons. Firstly, because while it takes a little more time, it’s also the one that has the best chance of removing the debris and stains.

It’s also less likely to damage the glass.

Finally, a professional knows that cleaning the glass along with the siding is not a good move. For doing exterior windows, you work on the pane separately, because they require different techniques.

If you insist on pressure washing, remember a few details. First, you’ll want to mix the cleaning solution with the water before you spray. Keep the pressure under 2,000 psi, so you minimize the risk of cracking or damaging the glass. Finally, the spray pattern is a 45 to 65-degree angle normally.

You want to start by hooking the power washer up to a source and get the mix ready. Be sure to never spray perpendicular to the window. Be sure to test the pressure first.

After that, get the soap mix. If you want to maximize the cleaning, consider using a cleaning solution and a sponge, with the power washer only a rinsing tool.

Keep the sprayer a safe distance from the window. Spray from the outer edges and move towards the centre and avoiding hitting any putty.

Once you’re done, spray the whole thing again with clean water as a final rinse.

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