Windows are the main way people look into the home from the outside. The walls and roof can form a part of the impression, but the windows are special. Much like the eyes, they are part of what draws people in, gets their attention.

What most people don’t realize is that there are different types of glass. The process that window cleaning services employ might vary a little based on the glass. Iaf you’re curious and think it might help make the cleaning job easier for us, here are the types that see use in windows.

There’s float glass. This is glass formed by melting it into large, flat panels. This is a low-cost material, colourless, and it’s often a starting point. A simple cleaning job works wonders here.

Laminated glass is stronger, and uses material between layers of glass to create additional safety features. Unfortunately, while it’s a lot safer and tougher, it can still stain like any other type of glass.

The obscured glass is any type of glass that won’t allow outsiders to see inside but still lets light in. That could mean anything that achieves this effect, from frosting and etching to being coated with a special material. This could be trouble for window cleaning.

If your windows are obscured glass, we ask that you inform us. Sometimes, the cleaning becomes a lot harder when we have to make a guess.

Annealed glass is similar to float glass, but with more room for upgrades. However, this is exceedingly rare for windows because it shatters more readily than other types. Cleaning it, though, is not that different.

Tinted glass can be a challenge to clean.

Yes, we admit they’re very aesthetically pleasing for some folks. They’re also great for protecting your privacy and reducing the heat that comes from sunlight. However, in many instances, certain types of stains are much harder to remove than they would be otherwise.

Finally, you have tempered glass. This is the toughest, most durable type of glass out there.

One of the fun things about it is that it can’t be cut and it’s very hard to scratch, so that’s one less concern for the cleaning team. You don’t see these on windows too often because of the costs involved, but they’re easy to clean and very durable.

Most people do apply a film or layer above the glass, as a safety precaution. If you do this, please inform us. It can pose the same challenges as frosting does on other types.

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