It’s a fairly typical problem, if not entirely common. You just cleaned your windows, and suddenly find that they’re still dirty. There’s still a stain there, persisting. Sometimes, if you have a professional window cleaning Perth, you still see this problem.

You might wonder whether or not a harder scrubbing might fix that. It can, depending on the stain. However, if that was all we needed to do, it would have been done.

When a window seems to “retain” a stain after a cleaning, it’s important to understand a few details. This comes down to glass composition in most instances. Give us a moment and we’ll break it down for you, so you can get a clearer picture.

First, let’s go through the glass first.

It appears flat but is actually dotted with microscopic crests and crevices. These are mineral deposits, which makes it hard, porous, and brittle. It also tends to react to certain substances. This includes lime, soda components, and silicates. All of these can have an effect on all types of glass.

Yes, that includes windows. Unless your window isn’t made of glass, this is a fact.

Hard water is the most likely source of these problematic stains. Hard water tends to travel through the surface of the glass from water sources. These stains can run down the surface due to mineral deposits that get caught in the crevices and pits.

Hard water isn’t the only cause, either. Rainwater can do this too. Both can create unsightly stains, even if it’s just moments after being thoroughly cleaned. With that in mind, what’s the best method present for getting rid of these stains? Well, that varies.

On one hand, you’ve got something like acid washing.

This method uses acids to dissolve the deposits. The express aim is to use them to combine the contaminants through a surface application. From there, it makes removal much easier. However, there is the problem of etching. This method can do damage to the surface of the glass and other materials.

Acids can kill plants and damage caulking. Aluminium frames, building surfaces, and the like can all be eaten away if you don’t do this method properly.

Acid washing is something we can perform, but we limit it as an option. We prefer to check out the site first, to see what’s there and evaluate how safe it might be to use the technique. We check if the site can handle the specialized buffers and leather pads, meant to reduce the risk of damage.

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